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Bloggers You Should Know: Claire O’Sullivan of @Clairestelle8

Bloggers You Should Know: Claire O’Sullivan of @Clairestelle8


By semick

Claire O’Sullivan (aka @clairestelle8) is a talented nail artist who flaunts neon, stamping and gradients on her Instagram! Get to know Claire and her favorite techniques, trends and products in our interview with her below.


Nail It!: What sort of things will readers find on your IG? 

Claire O’Sullivan: Beige, beige and more beige! Haha only joking. If you find beige on my page I am probably ill! I am obsessed with neons and rainbows. I love gradients and my favourite nail art technique is stamping because it has so many design possibilities.  Also, I love to write so my captions are long, but hopefully funny – I like to highlight the funny side of how us nail artists spend our time!



What’s one of your fave posts? 

One of my favourite posts is actually my most recent as pictured below – a neon fake heart watermarble as it involves all of my favourite things about nail art – neons, rainbow gradient, stamping and the holo glitter China Glaze Fairy Dust! My motto is everything is better with Fairy Dust!



What is your absolute favourite colour of nail polish? 

I can go one better than that. I can name a specific polish. It’s China Glaze Purple Panic which despite its name, is actually the hottest, most vibrant pink you’ve ever seen. And then the horror of horrors I discovered China Glaze had changed the magic recipe and made it a duller purple. I was heartbroken until I found 15 bottles of the original recipe at Sally’s. I think I’m good for a couple of months now! No, I don’t think I have a problem…


Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to design? 

It would have to be Adele. She is always so creative with her nails and I feel she would be really open to trying new ideas. Preferably neon of course! And as a fellow Brit we could have a real good natter over a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit while I paint her nails!


What’s your favourite nail trend? 

Ooh there’s so many to choose from but I think Uberchic Beauty really changed the nail art game in the past year with their creation of the UberMat – a silicon nail art mat that you can test colours and designs on and the wipe them away with a quick swipe of acetone. What I love doing on my UberMat is creating stamping decals like the design below, which is when you colour in the negative spaces of a stamped design, making a sticker of it on the mat that you can then apply to your nails.



What’s your favourite base and top coat? 

I actually don’t use base coat very much. I use a white base so often for gradients that it serves as a base coat, but my current favourite top coat is Topped with Love by Love Angeline. It doesn’t shrink my base colours or smear my stamping and it dries super quick and is 5 free!


Are you close with any other IGers in the community? 

The nail community is an awesomely supportive and friendly one. I could name so many great people that inspire me, but one person whose work I absolutely adore and I seem to have a strange psychic link with is Angel aka @twi_star. Despite the fact there is a huge ocean between us (she is in the USA and I’m in the UK) we keep coming up with similar ideas and designs on the same day without intending to! She also has a neon heart so how couldn’t I love her?


Have you any nail art tips? 

Don’t try to be like anyone else. Do what makes you happy and bring your own uniqueness to the nail art game. Neon gradients and stamping are what make me happy and what I’m best at. I would love to be an awesome freehand artist, but life is too short to beat myself up over not being as good at freehand as I’d like to be. Sure, I’ll keep practicing and experimenting to see what I can do, but I think it’s fun that we all bring something different to the nail art world!





Follow Claire on Instagram for more exciting nail art at @clairestelle8!


Images: Claire O’Sullivan