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Bloggers You Should Know: Chelsea King

Bloggers You Should Know: Chelsea King


By Elma

Meet Chelsea King, the blogger behind Get Nailed!

How did you get into nails?
Funny thing is, I didn’t start painting my nails until 2-3 years ago. I was such a tomboy! I have always loved anything art related – especially painting – and one day at a local fair I saw a booth selling nail art pens. I bought some and as soon as I got home I did some leopard nails – I was obsessed! From that day on I was constantly doing nail art, and when I stumbled across tons of nail art bloggers online it really inspired me. It made me see how much you can really do with nail art.

What is your favorite polish color?
I have always loved turquoise shades (OPI Fly and Julep Lena) but lately I’m loving holographic polishes such as Color Club Beyond.

Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to design?
Lady Gaga! Her nails are always over the top and crazy which I love. She wouldn’t be afraid to do something different from the usual!

What’s your favorite nail trend?
I love all of the textured polishes out right now! They are so fun and great for those who want something different on their nails but don’t have the time or patience for nail art.

What is your favorite current beauty trend?
I don’t follow beauty trends too closely, but lately I’ve been loving dramatic eyeliner. Hopefully, I can perfect the cat-eye soon!

Favorite beauty product?
I just got a Beautyblender makeup sponge – I love it! I was amazed at how flawless my foundation went on.

What is the biggest nail mistake that you are seeing right now?
Not taking care of your cuticles and hands! You can do the most amazing nail art, but if your cuticles are dry and not taken care of, it really effects how people will look at your work. I constantly use lotions and cuticle creams and also occasionally push back my cuticles. It makes a huge difference!

Do you have any other hobbies?
I love traveling! I recently went on a road trip up the coast of California, San Francisco, and then Yosemite for some hiking! I’m also really into food and cooking. I’ve been on a big sushi obsession, so once a week I try to find a new sushi place!

What is favorite nail design that you created?
My favorite design would be my floral Doc Martens inspired nails They are my most detailed design and I think it probably is a favorite of my followers as well! And who doesn’t love florals?


Do you have a favorite musician or band? 
I’m a big fan of Kanye’s music.

What design would you like to put on his nails?
As much as I would love to paint some nails inspired by an album cover, I think he might want his face painted on his nails … because what does Kanye love more than himself? Haha!

What are your trend predictions?
Texture has been super popular on nails lately, so aside from the textured polishes, velvet, caviar, etc., I’m predicting that something new in the textured trend will be coming out. Can’t wait to see what comes out next!

[Images courtesy of Chelsea King, Get Nailed]