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Bloggers You Should Know: Bee of Bee Polished

Bloggers You Should Know: Bee of Bee Polished


By Junaid

Bee of Bee Polished has a little bit of everything on her blog: nail art, little know nail tips, and even rankings of her favorite cuticle oils. Get to know this blogger by reading our interview with her below!

Bee Polished Nails

Us: What got you into nail art?
Bee: I’ve always been into beauty products. When I was about 13 my parents got me a nail stamper for Christmas (yes, they existed back then!) and I fell in love. It wasn’t until I was out of college that I rediscovered my love of nail art though!

How long have you been writing your blog?
About three years.

Bee Polished Nails

What is your absolute favorite color of polish?
I’m a sucker for mints and greys. I really love Butter London Fiver and Essence Romeo.

How many different polishes do you own?
I’ve had as many as 1300. Right now I’m around 800. Basics are the most important. I started with 17 and I was able to create so many things by mixing basic colors.

Which celebrities nails would you jump at the chance to design?
I really love Demi Lovato because her nails are always so edgy and young. I also love Zooey Deschanel because she rocks the cute ones!

Bee Polished Nails

What would you put on their nails?
I’d probably just go bling crazy with Demi; chains and studs and texture. For Zooey maybe something more sweet like bows and soft colors.

What’s your favorite nail trend?
I love the magnet trend but it’s difficult to incorporate into designs.

What’s your favorite beauty trend?
I really loved the ombre hair trend. Mine is still a little blonde at the ends! Also winged eyeliner and red lipstick. Those are always in style.

Besides polish, what is your favorite beauty product?
Mascara and eyelashes. I have TONS of them.

Bee Polished Nails

When did you realize your blog was a success?
I think I felt like a big success when I started to have regular “fans”. But honestly it’s a constant work in progress so I’m not sure that it ever feels like a complete success!

What is the best part of being in the business of beauty?
I love that, especially if you work in the industry, you can go ALL OUT with your look and it’s almost never too much! I love to jump on board new trends!

What was your most recent impulse buy?
A massive eyeshadow kit from Sephora.

What do you do outside your blog?
I’m a vegetarian and very active so I cook and I’m out of the house doing activities a lot! I also freelance nail art and beauty shows and have a normal 9-5 office job.

Are you close with other bloggers in the community?
Yes, some.

How do you juggle nails and the other aspects of your life? Do you have a routine?
I would LOVE to have a routine but I really don’t; I try to keep a blog schedule, but mostly I just polish as I feel up to it and then when I’ve got them together I schedule them and let it take care of itself.

Check out the Bee Polished blog:
Instagram: @Bee_Polished
Twitter: @Bee_Polished

[Courtesy of Bee Polished]