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Bloggers You Should Know: Alice Sanderson

Bloggers You Should Know: Alice Sanderson


By niwp_admin

Meet Alice Sanderson, the blogger behind One Nail To Rule Them All!

How did you get into nail art?
When I was younger I used to bite my nails, but when I got to college, and I was meeting new people, I was really embarrassed to have such disgusting nails. I had a very limited knowledge of nail art but thought it would be a good way to stop biting as I wouldn’t want to destroy the designs I’d created, and it worked!

What is your favorite color of polish?
Blue, if I could use blue in every design I would

Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to do?
Zooey Deschanel’s because she seems to be a big lover of nail art

What’s your favorite nail trend?
Matte nail art, it just looks so different and I really enjoy creating matte designs

Favourite beauty product?
Of course it would have to be nail varnish!

What is the biggest beauty MISTAKE that you are seeing right now?
Heavy foundation, it’s not a recent thing but it’s just not a good look

Do you have any other hobbies?
I often draw cartoons, mainly in my lectures at university, oops!

What is your favorite nail design that you created?
I was pretty proud of my feather nails because I felt they looked quite elegant, but I also quite liked my Mario nails.

Alice Sanderson

Alice Sanderson



Do you have a favorite musician or band?
My favourite band is definitely Mumford and Sons, if I could afford to see them at every gig they play I would!

What design would you like to put on their nails?
I think that would be a bit awkward as they’re all men!

[Images courtesy of Alice Sanderson/One Nail To Rule Them All]