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Bettie Pain Polish Launches Polish AND Jewelry

Bettie Pain Polish Launches Polish AND Jewelry


By semick

Exciting news! Megan Denman (you may know her as @snowglobenails) has her fourth collection coming out for her Bettie Pain Polish indie line on June 6th – and it include a full line of jewelry as well as lacquer. The Cat Lady Collection will feature six gem-like polish shades and nine pieces of jewelry (earrings, statement rings, and more – even hair pins). “When I was younger,” shares Megan, “I was always beading and trying to make fun things to wear. Now I’m older, I’m a jewelry hoarder, especially for statement pieces and cute quirky items. I was looking for something in particular online recently and couldn’t find it, so I thought I would make it myself! It all started from there.

“The jewelry style I am making comes from my own personal taste…I am quite picky when it comes to what I release to my online store. I like to ask followers online what they would like to see in my future collections as well, just so I’m not only making what it’s beautiful in my opinion. It’s important to keep your inspiration outside the box sometimes.”

So get ready to round out your crème mani with some bling! Head over to her shop on Etsy to order.

And don’t miss our Q&A with Megan all about releasing her own indie line in our Indie Polish Spotlight!

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Images: Megan Denman, Ash Denman