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Behind the Scenes Marbling Tips Featuring @Sloteazzy

Behind the Scenes Marbling Tips Featuring @Sloteazzy


By semick

As some of you may already know, Yasmeen Sandoval (@sloteazzy) came into our photo studio recently to demonstrate marble nail techniques that appear in our colorful July/August 2015 issue (p. 42). By spending the whole day with her, we snagged some awesome insider info on marbling! Here’s what we saw:


Sandoval’s go-to for rainbow water marbling is the Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas collection.     20150403_174454 Her secret? She reuses the same small plastic cup over and over again, even after it’s covered in polish. For some reason, the dirty cup helps the polish spread better when water marbling.    

She doesn’t use just a toothpick to pull her marble lines. She has a needle poked into a retractable eraser. The metal needle gives a cleaner line than a toothpick; the eraser gives her a longer handle to grasp onto for precision control.


20150403_154418If your polish is too thick, use actual nail polish thinner to thin it out, not nail polish remover.


20150403_154553­Water marbling is stressful enough. To keep her Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat at hand, Sandoval uses a pink polish stand.


20150403_110805Here is Sandoval’s rhinestone and charm stash!


20150403_123039After doing a messy splatter manicure (the final product can be seen on p. 43), she cleans up with a brush soaked in acetone.


20150403_145827A few of the Color Club pastels Sandoval brought for the day.


20150403_154110One nail pulled out with a perfect marble!


20150403_162620Our hand model, Joline Towers, sporting water marble – she switches her hand into 6 different rehearsed positions one after another as our photographer clicks away.


20150403_173918See the image for Step 5 on p. 45? This is how that image was shot with our hand model Joline Towers holding the decal, Sandoval holding the scissors, and our photographer getting it all on camera.


20150403_174558Sandoval’s advice: If you have any tears in your water marble decals after applying them to nails, touch up with the same color polish and a thin brush.


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If you haven’t already, go check out the finished story on p. 42 of our July/August 2015 issue!


Images: Sarah Emick