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Pursue Your Dream & Change Your Life with the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation

Pursue Your Dream & Change Your Life with the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation


By Kiana Martin

Beauty Changes Lives foundation is here to help you succeed by making your career dream a reality. With scholarships available in different fields of the beauty industry, Beauty Changes Lives has given over $1 million to students looking to further their education in cosmetology. Keep on reading to learn more about the organization’s mission, available scholarships and how you can get involved.

Pursue Your Dream and Change Your Life with the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation

The Beauty Changes Lives foundation strives to help aspiring beauty and wellness professionals pursue an education in beauty. Founded in 2013, the foundation was birthed out of an industry event of the same name to bridge the gap between students seeking education and affordable access to education by rewarding scholarships to talented hairdressers, nail techs, makeup artists, estheticians and massage therapists. To learn more about their mission, check out the foundation’s website here.

The Beauty Changes Lives CND Tippi Hedren Nail Scholarship Program is for nail professionals only and awards $5,000 to five individuals looking to pursue an education at an American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) member school.  The Tippi Hedren Scholarships honors the legacy of Tippi Hedren, actress and animal rights activist, who was responsible for the development of Vietnamese-American nail salons in the United States. In the ’60s, Tippi went to visit a Vietnamese refugee camp in Northern California where, initially bringing along typists and seamstresses to teach the women a trade they could turn into financial security, she found that what they were really interested in were her Hollywood starlet nails. Tippi then hired manicurists and brought a local beauty school to the camp to teach them how to perform manicure services. From that moment, the $8 billion Vietnamese American nail industry was born. In 2015, the BBC reported that over 51% of nail techs in the United States and 80% in California are of Vietnamese descent. The scholarship honors Tippi’s legacy as well as CND’s innovation and commitment to education. Learn more about the Tippi Hedren Scholarship Program here.

For those interested in supporting the Beauty Changes Lives foundation and contributing to the education of wellness and beauty professionals around the country, the Beauty Changes Lives foundation is currently running their ScholarTips campaign which asks salons or beauty professionals to contribute in one of two ways:

  1. Salons or individuals can donate their monetary tips to the foundation in order to fund more scholarships.
  2. Salons or individuals can share a beauty and/or business tip on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ScholarTips.

Those posting or donating their tips can really get the conversation going by challenging their peers to do the same. Challenging peers with the hashtag #IGaveATip helps ignite a cycle of giving  that not only strengthens, but encourages the growth of, the beauty industry.

The #ScholarTips campaign which is designed to provide the industry with an opportunity to use its success and network to help aspiring beauty professionals runs until August 31, 2016, giving beauty professionals plenty of time to share a tip or donate their tips to a good cause. To learn more about the incredible things the Beauty Changes Lives foundation is doing, visit their website here.

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