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Easily Clean Your Nail Jewels with This Bling Brush

Easily Clean Your Nail Jewels with This Bling Brush


By Anahit Topchyan

Have you ever wanted to show off your freshly manicured nails with your favorite jewelry, but realized your accessories are not as sparkly and clean as you’d like? Baublerella has the solution with their on-the-go Bling Brush and Glitzy Glove cleaning kit.

Bling Brush


Baublerella’s Bling Brush is a small, all-natural pen-sized cleaning wand that cleans away dirt, dust, lotion residue and dead skin cells and bacteria. It is easy to use to clean nail art jewels without damaging your nails. It’s safe on all jewelry and is easy to use on jewelry stones whether they are real or faux. The Bling Brush is an at home or on-the-go use because of its small size. You need to simply twist, clean and polish to get back that sparkle shine.

Glitzy Glove


The Glitzy Glove is a hand-crafted jewelry polishing mitt that removes the tarnish off of your favorite jewelry items. It is safe to use on silver, gold and brass metals. When using the Glitzy Glove, the tarnish will go straight from your jewelry and on to the cloth. Once the cloth becomes too dirty to use, it is best to throw it away and buy a new one. Then to preserve the Glitzy Glove from drying out, store it in it’s bag after each use and do not wash.

What do you think of the Bling Brush and Glitzy Glove and its easy to use qualities? Let us know down below!

[Photo Credit: Baublerella]