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Backstage Beauty: Naeem Khan Fall 2015

Backstage Beauty: Naeem Khan Fall 2015


By semick

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of designer Naeem Khan’s work, the beauty teams set out to create an overall look that is the “epitome of who the [Naeem Khan] woman has been for 10 years: always glam, always textural and embellished,” says NARS makeup lead James Boehmer. “Glamorous” could be heard on the lips of every backstage beautifier at Khan’s show and, not surprisingly, that very word is the perfect descriptor of the end result—right down to the nails. Nothing quite says glamour like a metallic nail, but Essie lead Julie Kandalec seeks out something with a bit more oomph: a distressed gold manicure and pedicure. “A flash of toe on the runway is always nice,” she exclaims, adding that she achieved the matchy-matchy nails and toes by painting two coats of Essie Shifting Power, a gold hue, followed by one very thin coat of Essie Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low, a light silver color. “The key is to let the gold peek through the silver,” she remarks, explaining that this simple technique is what gives the nails that glam, distressed appearance perfect for the runways and beyond. —Kristen Oldham Giordani

 Gold Nails Dashion Week

Credits: Courtesy of Essie