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Backstage Beauty: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall/Winter 2015

Backstage Beauty: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall/Winter 2015


By semick

Catholic schoolgirls have been known to have a wild side, and such is the inspiration behind the beauty at Carmen Marc Valvo. But what if you don’t want to go too on-the-nose cutesy or to unabashedly wild with the nail art? Morgan Taylor lead manicurist Danielle Candido thought long and hard on this. “[Carmen] was going for that classic schoolgirl Americana feel. And there’s just a sophistication about Carmen’s designs that I can’t escape. I didn’t want to be cutesy. I want it to be sharp and sophisticated. I want it to be the finishing touch that you say, ‘Oh, there’s a little bit more there than I expected,’” she explains.

Swapping out wild for sophisticated translates to a simple tone-on-tone, multi-texture stripe design. Candido custom-mixes (as opposed to layering) Morgan Taylor in Metalling Around with Morgan Taylor Mattes a Wrap to mimic the shimmery effect found in the designer’s collection. “There is a reflective quality about the clothes that isn’t shiny-shiny, and I really wanted to capture that in the nails,” she explains. “So I mixed the two of them because if I layered Mattes a Wrap on top, it would have taken the shine away completely.” Candido finishes the design by hand-painting a thin stripe along the outside of the cuticle with Morgan Taylor in Little Black Dress and then highlights the line only with Morgan Taylor Make it Last Top Coat. “I wanted the stripe to stand out against the matte finish,” she shares. “It’s understated but it really makes the whole design pop at you.” –Molly Church



Credits: Courtesy of Morgan Taylor