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In Memory of Nail Artist Ane Li

In Memory of Nail Artist Ane Li


By Kiana Martin

Last week, the nail community was shocked to learn that one of its youngest talents, Ane Li, had passed away. Here, a memorial of her work and the ever-shining light that was Ane Li. 

In Memory of Nail Artist Ane Li

*Feature image is a recreation of Ane’s work by Lina (lina88makeup). 

It was learned late last week that Instagram nail artist, Ane Li, had passed away. The news came as a shock to the nail art community that viewed Ane as not only a force to be reckoned with, but a source of inspiration for nail artists both young and old. At only 18 years old, Ane made her mark on the online nail art community with creative, whimsical, hand-painted art that melded both the art and nail world together. With an Instagram following of over 800 K, there is no doubt that her work brought light, love and creativity to the lives of many.

While the cause of her death is known, it is not our wish to share it here. With that said, we ask that our readers be respectful of Ane and her family during this time.

The devastating news has left many shaken, but more importantly, inspired to carry on her work and promote the individuality Ane captured in her nail art designs. To honor the talent that was Ane Li, we’ve included her nail art tutorials and photos below.

And our personal favorite…

Ane’s designs were a projection of her personality: striking, unconventional and full of color.

She was and will always be one of the most talented, beautiful nail artists to grace this community.

I, Ane Li’s sister, have noticed that there has been some speculation going on around Ane’s death, and it is with an extremely heavy heart I confirm that she chose to leave us July 11 2016. She has always been a wonderful girl and she will be deeply missed. The funeral will take place on Monday the 25th. If you are in the area at that time, feel free to join us to say a last goodbye. More info regarding the funeral is to be found on the Facebook page: Til minne om Ane Li Rusten Jacobsen, meaning “In memory of…” I have also seen that some of you are planning to share recreations of her designs on July 25th using the hashtag #sharingtheloveforaneli. That is very much appreciated by us as a family. We also want to thank you for your condolences. Take care❤️

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RIP Ane Li. You will be sorely missed and always remembered.

Visit Ane’s Instagram.