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An Interview with 3D Printed Nail Artists The Laser Girls

An Interview with 3D Printed Nail Artists The Laser Girls


By Fefe

Artists Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford bring nail design to a whole new dimension with their collaboration, The Laser Girls. Their exploration of 3-D printed nails was recently featured in an exhibit at The Museum of Arts and Design in New York. We spoke to Sarah to get some insight into the project: 

How did you get into working with 3-D printing?
We got involved in college where we were art students together. We took a class in 3D printing which lead to a student staff position at the university’s 3-D print lab where we learned more about the process on the job.
What inspired you to create the 3-D nail designs? 
We both have very different interests, so with the nails we tend to meld those two different sides together; robots, fashion prints, science fiction, flowers, architecture…We love all of it!


Can you tell us a little about the project?
We always wanted to get involved with 3-D printed fashion, and we thought nails would be perfect, weird, and a unique application for 3-D printing.

Do you have a favorite design?
I enjoy the long, impractical, dramatic pairs; they are super theatrical, and I love the presence they have on the hand.


Where can nail art fans find your 3-D nails?
People can purchase our nails on our Shapeways store.


Follow The Laser Girls on Tumblr and Instagram.

[Images courtesy of The Laser Girls]