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7 Glitter Polishes to Try Before Spring

7 Glitter Polishes to Try Before Spring


By semick

There’s never not a time where glitter polish isn’t in season, but there’s just something extra titillating about having a little pizzazz on your fingertips when it’s dark and cold and gloomy outside. Because the amount of glitter nail polishes out there could easily fill the Pacific Ocean, we’ve whittled it all down to seven shades that we’ve actually held, felt, and tried that you should get your hands on before they’re gone.

Caption Polish Come to Mama
This pearlescent shimmer is super pretty over a natural nail. It’s so subtle that it makes your fingertips look like just a sparklier, metallic version of themselves – plus you can wear it for extra long because even if it chips a bit, you can’t even tell.

Cuccio Colour After Party
This shade is like an orange piñata…filled with glitter instead if candy. It has chunky copper metallic hexagonal pieces mixed in with feathery little matte orange microbars. We recommend wearing it over a more opaque copper or bronze color!

Morgan Taylor All Wrapped Up
This glitter will give you full coverage in two coats – the base is a dark plum polish. The fun part is that even though it’s dark, it’s filled with tons of itty bitty, extra tiny microglitters that are holographic.

Orly Gossip Girl
This lacquer has both rosy pink microglitters and larger gold hexagonal glitters in it, so their combined effect is a rose gold color. Wear this shade over a navy blue to accentuate the warm metallic.

CND Vinylux Nordic Lights
The base for this polish is an opaque, bright royal purple filled with some microglitters and very, very small occasional iridescent flakes. When you look at it from an angle, it’s like a vibrant purple sky filled with rainbow-colored stars.

Essie Fringe Factor
Furry, feathery party skirts are popping up everywhere now – and they are exactly what this polish reminds us of. When you paint it on, this polish reveals a bunch of pink and blue-gray metallic microbar glitters in a clear polish. Our favorite: layering it over a sheer, glossy pink.

Echoes Polish Gitty in Glitter
This indie is jam-packed with gold glitter and holographic glitter. It’s so dense, you can easily cover the entire nail in just 2-3 coats!

And that’s it for now! Tell us your favorite winter glitter in the comments below.


– Sarah Emick