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6 Tips for Wedding Day Nails

6 Tips for Wedding Day Nails


By semick

Mary Noon has never been married or engaged, but she has an unofficial “PhD” in planning weddings.  The 29-year old effervescent, savvy wedding planner became a sponge in her quest to create a bridal primer in an easy to use format she dubbed the Ultimate Bridal Box. And the cornerstone of the Ultimate Bridal Box is a book she wrote entitled, After the Ring, a comprehensive guide to help couples plan their wedding from start to finish with no detail (including nails!) left out. If you’re a bride-to-be, here is a sneak peek of Noon’s 6 essential tips to the perfect wedding manicure:

+ “In my book, After The Ring, I express the importance of assembling a “Glam Squad” that includes attention to details (like nails) for the overall prefect look of the day.  If you don’t have the budget to contract a freelance nail person to come to you, definitely go to a top salon.

Tip #1 – I highly recommend getting a gel manicure and pedicure, that way you don’t have to worry about the polish chipping, and they will also hold up for your honeymoon. If you are not going to get a gel manicure make sure to go the day before your wedding. You’ll have a million in one things to do, but it won’t last or look as nice if you get it done any sooner.

+ For photography, the nails’ importance in this area as the final archival effect of the wedding day is paramount.

Tip #2 – Avoid bright colors; neutral colors and simple designs are best. If you really want to add a bright color then add it to the tip of a French manicure, but strongly encourage clients keep it simple and natural — not too trendy, as it is important to think about your final wedding photos. Blue might be your favorite color, but do you really want bright blue nail polish in all of the pictures, especially close-ups like cutting the cake, the ring hand, and the champagne toast

+ Nails are so important as a cornerstone for the bride’s look and self-confidence that day, that in my Ultimate Bridal Box product, we include a gorgeous, perfect shade of nail polish in every “primer/plan.”

Tip #3 – A bottle of Essie Nail Polish is in our Ultimate Bridal Box because we think every girl should be pampered. Wedding planning is stressful and I think having a massage, manicure or pedicure, facial, etc., are a nice way to relax. We also included it to show our favorite bridal color. The box includes personal touches of things I personally love, and also teaches or gives direction in the wedding planning process.

+ I always get asked about my favorite colors that are “wedding-appropriate” and how it can/or should tie into the overall theme designed for the wedding.

Tip #4 – Incorporate a “fresh” take on French. I love using a nude color like Essie’s Sand Tropez and then painting the tips with a different shade other than white. I think it is cute and flirty for a younger bride, and can also lend itself to be really classy and chic if done right for an older more mature bride.

Tip #5 – I don’t think your nail color has to carry over to design of the wedding e.g., decor, tabletop, invites, etc. —- keep nail color sheer and design simple. Pick a nude or light pink hue that compliments your skin’s tonality. A few of my personal favorite colors from Essie – Adore-a-Ball, Allure, Sugar Daddy, Sand Tropez, Ballet Slippers, and Vanity Fairest.  I’d also recommend that all your bridesmaids where the same color. How terrible would it be if your bridesmaids had chipping nail polish or a bright color that clashed with the dress? There needs to be consistency in what they are wearing and how they are accessorizing. Yes, that includes their nail polish!

+ Embellishments, adding lace, gold, other decor — what is appropriate and not considered over the top at weddings.

Tip #6 – I love adding lace, gold, and other sophisticated decor to nails if it is done properly. I think simple touches of these elements are lovely. That being said, I don’t think it should be too loud and scream bling. I would also pick which embellishment you want to add (don’t do all three) and be sure to use a nude color as your base. A bright color will add to much contrast and may appear to others as cheap… not luxe.  Touches of this lace, gold, etc., are nice…just do it in moderation.”


Images: Essie