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6 Easy Ways to Up Your Nail + Makeup Game

6 Easy Ways to Up Your Nail + Makeup Game


By semick

If you’re like me, trying to leave the house on time with hair, makeup, and nails all on pointe is seemingly impossible. There’s always a chipped nail, a hanging lash, or wet hair I’m trying to tend to as I hop in the car.

So I thought I’d ask a couple of the world’s more polished women for some pointers. KISS Products’ Gina Edwards (a celeb manicurist) and Marni Burton (a well-known makeup artist) were willing to chat with me and share some basic beauty hacks!

gina_edwardsFor your nails (from Gina Edwards):

1. One of the easiest ways to wear nail art is by applying a couple of stones from the KISS Salon Secrets Luxe Accents Kit by the cuticle area, it makes a instant statement and adds texture!

2. I love using the striping tape from the KISS Salon Secrets Rococo Veil Kit to create instant nail art by adding a vertical stripe down the middle or horizontally. Apply the top coat included in the kit to seal.

3. To get long lasting results when applying imPRESS Press-On Manicure, make sure your nails are free from oils. Lightly buff the nail plate to a matte finish and use the alcohol prep pad included.


Marni BurtonFor your eyes (from Marni Burton):

4.  Brows look their best when they are perfectly groomed, so if you need a quick fix, use the razor from the KISS Beautiful Brow Kit to remove any unwanted hairs.

5.  I always recommend keeping lash glue in your purse to fix any lashes that shift or lift throughout the day or night. KISS Singles One-Time Lash Adhesive are ideal because they are small and convenient with a pressure sensitive bottle for precision and control.

6.  The back of a tweezer is the perfect tool for all things lashes.  Use to add light pressure to seal KISS True Volume Lashes into place or add more glue in areas that seem to lift and use the tweezer to hold down the lash line until glue dries.


Images: Natasia Causse via Flickr, KISS Products