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5 Times Demi Lovato’s Nails Were Too Cool for the Summer

5 Times Demi Lovato’s Nails Were Too Cool for the Summer


By semick

Demi Lovato is not only dominating the entertainment scene right now, but also making waves by supplying us with creative manicure ideas. It’s no big surprise as the starlet designed her own DIY nail art sets in collaboration with The New Black back in 2013, but she’s come even farther since then, getting increasingly chic with her style and even trying out a whole range of shapes (coffin, pointed, almond, to name a few). While most celebs right now are playing it safe with barely-there nudes and polite pinks, this gal is going all out with the help of her go-to manicurist Brittni Rae. Swipe through our gallery to see our fave looks.

  • In May, Demi tried out a chic nude with gold leaf for an accent thanks to Nailing Hollywood’s Brittni Rae. The color used? OPI Berlin There Done That. They’re short, natural, and perf for the beginning of summer.

  • With the boiling hot weather, we want to be here. In this pool. Like, now. Demi's nails look hot on the artwork for her single Cool for the Summer. Manicurist Rae used OPI Alpine Snow - it's such an crucial white lacquer to have in your collection!

  • Demi rocked her performance at the 2015 VMAs! And to match her outfit, Brittni Rae gave the songstress textured nail art! A little lace rounds out the look.

  • Everyone needs a mani that perfectly corresponds to their red carpet ensemble. These pointed pink moon nails were customized for Demi's arrival to the VMAs!

  • The coffin nail is one of the most popular shapes at the moment! Demi wore these detailed digits to the Lifebeat and Time Warner Cable MTV VMA pre-show.

  • The singer looks pretty bad*ss on the cover of her new album, Confident, which will release in October 2015! We’re sure Demi will have plenty of nail looks to come once she’s on tour for it. Images: Brittni Rae via Instagram @brittninails