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7 Easy To Do Nails Inspired by Fabrics

7 Easy To Do Nails Inspired by Fabrics


By semick

Fall is in full swing; try out these digits inspired by your favorite prints!

  • Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat must be the easiest way to create a tweed-like texture. A light coat over a colored polish can make an ordinary mani look "furry" with long, matte pieces of glitter. A thick layering of the polish makes tips look like they've been covered in feathers.

    Image: Michelle Mismas/All Lacquered Up

  • Image: Michelle Mismas/All Lacquered Up

  • Denim is no longer just for your jeans. With the rise in rough textures in the nail world, such as OPI Sand, it's no surprise the tough blue fabric has become an inspiration for nail art. Perhaps a call back to the eighties, the new denim nail trend is a way to rock the style conspicuously, and without looking dated. Soften the look with some bright accent colors, or even a floral nail.

    Image: Cazzy Durcan/SpecialGirl Nails

  • Image: Michelle Travis/Mimi Manicures

  • Prep up your manicure with classic argyle. While the traditional deep reds and blues are good for fall, we love this multi-colored combo from Nuthin' But a Nail Thing. Use rhinestones on bright prints, or try a tiny black button on the center of darker motifs.

    Images: Claire Metcalfe/Nuthin' But a Nail Thing

  • Go boho chic with an ikat pattern. The same pattern you find on pretty blankets, pillows, and flowy summer maxi dresses looks even better on your digits. What's cool is that the ikat pattern is meant to look imperfect and jagged, so it's forgiving enough for an unsteady hand to paint.

    Image: Elena Sandina/IG@Lenysea

  • Image: Jihye Park/IG@navillela4

  • Image: Kristen DeRouville/IG@KayyDeeMonroe