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5 Apps Every Nail Blogger Needs

5 Apps Every Nail Blogger Needs


By semick

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are great for sharing your latest nail art, but if you want to take your online presence to the next level, you’ll want to check out a few apps for creating flawless video and shareable photos. Here are 5 types our favorite bloggers have been using.



1. A watermarking app

TypeDrawing app

TypeDrawing for watermarking
Adding your blog name or Instagram handle to your image is a must in today’s world where photos are shared consistently without the owner’s permission.
Tammy Unwin (@ohmygoshpolish) swears this is the easiest app for watermarking ever. Christabell Pinchin (@christabellnails) added that this app offers “various fonts, colors, and fun features like curved text, repeating text, plus the photo quality is not impacted.”

See Christabell’s video demo for TypeDrawing.

Download TypeDrawing now:

PicsArt Photo Studio for watermarking

For those who’d like to do watermarks but are using Android instead of iOS, check out PicsArt in the Google Play store. You can select from a variety of fun fonts, plus curve the text to fit around nails!

Download PicsArt now:






 2. A video editing app

imovie app for nail bloggers
iMovie for editing videos
Sarah Waite of Chalkboard Nails says, “I’ve tried a couple different video editors, but I haven’t found any that are as intuitive as iMovie! It’s easy to use with a clean interface, and includes essential features like muting background noise and speeding up your clips.”

Download iMovie now:






AndroVid for editing videos

AndroVid lets you trim video, cut pieces from within the video, split a clip into two, take a screenshot, add sound to your clips, or even convert your video to an audio-only file. It’s essential for editing tutorials.






3. An app for collages and GIFs

PicPlayPost nail blogger apps

PicPlayPost for creating slideshows and collages
Unwin recommends this app for creating collages both pictures and video, plus create and customize your own GIFs.

Download PicPlayPost now:
AppStoreLogo google-play




4. An app to keep on top of your Instagram interactions

MyCommenter app nail bloggers
MyCommenter for keeping track of Instagram comments
Pinchin says, “If you are familiar with Instagram, you know it can be very difficult to keep up, especially with a larger account. This app allows me to see comments left on my posts and removes comments that have already been replied to. I’m able to reply to up to 10 comments at one time as well, which is a huge time saver.  Not to worry though, if I want to go back and view comments I’ve already replied to I can simply change my view to ‘replied messages.’ Unfortunately this App doesn’t track ‘mentions’ on others’ posts but hopefully we’ll see something like this in the future.”

Download MyCommenter now:



Followers app Android Instagram
for tracking followers

Unwin uses this to “keep track of the real number as Instagram only provides a ’rounded down or rounded up’ number.” You can also see who you have forgotten to follow back, and who your most interactive followers are.

AppStoreLogo google-play





5. An app for pro photo editing

Afterlight for photo editing
Waite shares, “I went to school for photography, so I’m a bit of a photo-geek, and this app really speaks to that side of me. It covers all of the usual adjustments like brightness, contrast, and saturation, but also goes into a bit more detail with sliders you can use to tweak the color tone of your highlights, mid-tones, and shadows. It also offers a good range of filters, if you are tired of the standard Instagram fare, as well as some artistic effects and frames.”

Download Afterlight now:

AppStoreLogo google-play




Bonus: an app for keeping all that nail polish straight

Snupps for keeping track of polishes you own and have used
Pinchin shares: “It’s similar to Instagram in that it allows you to share pictures with your followers and follow others who post items that you would be interested in.  What’s different about Snupps is that I’ll be able to post a nail design and add photos of the products that I’ve used to create that design all in one shelf.  If a follower really likes a polish that I’ve used for a design they can select that image and get additional information including where they can purchase it, as well as discount codes that I may be able to offer them. I also love that I’ll be able to create shelves for each of the different polish brands I own. My husband will be able to download Snupps on his phone and when he is out shopping and wants to buy me a little treat he can log in, access the polish collection and see what shades I already own … no more duplicates.  I’m really excited to see how this App takes off and if others will love it as much as I do.”

See Christabell’s video demo for Snupps.

Download Snupps now:



Images: Matthew Pearce via Flickr Creative Commons; Google Play; iTunes,