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4th of July Nail Art Gallery

4th of July Nail Art Gallery


By Kiana Martin

Draw inspiration from your peers with these red, white and cool nail art designs. 

4th of July Nail Art Gallery

Today we’re taking a page out of Donald Trump’s book and making your nails great again with this 4th of July nail art roundup. Below, we’ve posted our favorite nail art looks from around the web to be inspired by.

Are you ready to make your nails great again?

1. @catewmire

What’s more American than our tiny Pennies!! Thanks to our Rockin House Designer @catewmire Find them under EXOTICS on ● ● #athenarocksnails #exoticnailart #tinypennies #fourthofjuly #redwhitebluenails

See this Instagram photo by @athenarocksnails * 136 likes

This tiny penny is to die for!

2. @nailsbynicolereardon

#independanceday #happy4th #4thofjulynails #patrioticnails #redwhitebluenails #nailart #nailporn #naildesign #modernsalon #nails #nailgame #nailsoftheday #nailstagram #nailss #coolnails #awesomenails

See this Instagram photo by @nailsbynicolereardon * 19 likes

Our favorite part of this look? The heart accents!

3. @duhmynails

Memorial Day inspired nails ❤️💙🇺🇸 . Products used: 🇺🇸 @glistenandglow1 ‘from Tokyo, with love’ (May holo hookup box) 🇺🇸 @blisspolish ‘ocean’ 🇺🇸 @inmnails ‘white porcelain’ (becoming a favorite white) 🇺🇸 @whatsupnails anchor vinyl (I used the decal) and droplet vinyls #glistenandglow #blisspolish #inm #whatsupnails #unitedovernails #memorialday #redwhitebluenails

See this Instagram photo by @duhmynails * 145 likes

The Star Spangled Banner has nothing on this nautical design.

4. @carriehuynh

🇺🇸America, my nails are ready!🇺🇸 #jamberrynails #jamicure #borntosparklejn #reindeergamesjn (blue only) #whiteminipolkajn #retiredjn #nailsoncarrie #4thofjulynails #mericanails #redwhitebluenails #redwhiteandbluenails

See this Instagram photo by @carriehuynh * 22 likes

That gradient though.

5. @rubytadpole

Here’s my last #4thofjulynailart ! It was inspired by @suger23 . I’m fairly sick today (annual around the birthday cold 😷) and this splatter was not having it! I got some polish on my fricking lip doing it and every where else too. Sigh. Sure does look pretty though! 🇺🇸 Products used: #ChinaGlaze ‘Glistening Snow’, #Zoya ‘Sookie’ and ‘Purity’, and #Revlon ‘Royal’

See this Instagram photo by @rubytadpole * 189 likes

We’re kinda, sorta, really in love with this design–particularly the ruby gemstones.

6. @mgshelnails

Here’s my ‘Nailed It’ design using everything included in the June #NailedItnailartkit. I really love this entire box! You can preorder this Patriotic themed @nailed_it_nailartkit May 27th thru June 5th at for $20 plus shipping. It’s a great deal! Don’t miss out! 🎆🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Other products used: #dreampolish smooth gem base coat, #loveangelinepolish #ToppedWithLove & #EverAfterPolish cuticle crelly

See this Instagram photo by @mgshelnails * 89 likes

Come rest your weary heads on this nail art design!

7. @thenailtrail

Happy Fourth of July my amazing American friends! 🇺🇸🎉 Back by popular demand is my famous “hotdog nail” This is one of my favourite designs ever. But I’m still baffled there is no hotdog emoji!!! WTAF!! 😜 Video coming soon! 🎥❤️💙🇺🇸#wheresthehotdogemoji #hotdog #fourthofjuly #thenailtrail

See this Instagram photo by @thenailtrail * 5,450 likes

Nails and hot dogs? Be still, my beating heart.

8. @ninanailedit

@cultcosmetics pastel free handed American flag for the holiday! I used @cultcosmetics Newport Beach, El Porto, and Playa Del Rey. The thumb is kinda my fave 🇺🇸

See this Instagram photo by @ninanailedit * 1,477 likes

Now this is how you use pastels.

9. @vanityprojects

#4thofJulyNailArt #handpainted by @rianailz #gelnail #nailart #VanityProjects

See this Instagram photo by @vanityprojects * 388 likes

This minimalist American design is at the top of our wish list.

Which design are you going to try this 4th of July? To share your #patrioticnails, hashtag #nailitdaily!