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2 Must-Try Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas Using Essie

2 Must-Try Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas Using Essie


By semick

To celebrate both The Essie’s nail contest, Essie celebrity manicurist and judge for the competition, Michelle Saunders, created Valentine’s Day nail art to keep your digits festive: one for single ladies and the other for those in a relationship! Pick the one that matches your status – or just the nail art design you like most – and try it out before the 14th! Also be sure to check out The Essie’s and enter this month!

Look #1: For those gals with a significant other

Step 1: 
Use the corner of a piece of tape to create a triangle shape at the cuticle.

Step 2: Apply 2 coats of Essie Fiji over the tape and cover the entire nail.

Step 3: Quickly remove tape to reveal triangle shape.

Step 4: Fill in space and sides with Lilasicm to begin the top of heart shape.

Step 5: Finish the heart shape by applying Cute as a Button in the shape of a V-French tip.
essie-stripes-done-600x800    single-gal

Look #2: For single gals

Step 1: 
Apply two coats of Blanc to the left half of the nail.

Step 2: Next, apply two coats of Licorice in a thin vertical line to the right side of the nail.

Step 3: Apply one coat of Berry Naughty slightly overlapping Licorice (about the width of the brush).

Step 4: Apply one coat of Fishnet Stockings slightly overlapping Berry Naughty (about the width of the brush).

Step 5: Then, apply one coat of Fiesta slightly overlapping Fishnet Stockings (about the width of the brush).

Step 6: Finally, apply Fiji in a thin vertical line, slightly overlapping fiesta.



Image: Brian Nichols/People; Essie