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19 Ways to Do Star Nail Art

19 Ways to Do Star Nail Art


By semick

For the Sept./Oct. issue (which you can read here), we asked readers to submit their best star-themed nail looks – and found some amazing talent! Skim through this gallery of bright and glittery tips, and subscribe to the digital edition of the full magazine here to see more star designs you may have missed.

  • Artist: @_nailsbymeg
    It's hard to stop staring at these neon stars! If you like these, you should also see Megan's dandelion design.

  • Artist: @runningwithlacquer
    Glitter shoots right across this shiny black mani.

  • Artist: @ariannyani
    Tip: a dark textured polish and glittery top coat make an easy starry backdrop.

  • Artist: @christabellnails
    Even Wonder Woman needs a good man-i.

  • Artist: @coloresdecarol
    Stamping helps make sure every star is totally on point.

  • Artist: @customnails1
    Nail’d It’s Temeka Jackson gave us a peek at a 3-D design she did for a client.

  • Artist: @glittersholic
    These glowing letters pop out in the dark! Approve, Yoda would.

  • Artist: @glittr
    Clean cut stars and stripes in punk rock pink-and-black.

  • Artist: @ka_yee_or
    Sparkle…sparkle everywhere!

  • Artist: @lilyput_nails
    Inverting your colors is an easy way to do an accent.

  • Artist: @maagsdinwiddie
    Moody lighting makes this holo even more hypnotizing.

  • Artist:  @mcpolish
    A tape stencil allowed this lavender glitter to peek out!

  • Artist: @partialtopolish
    The Big Dipper looks delicate on these short, navy nails.

  • Artist: @runningwithlacquer
    Glitter shoots right across this shiny black mani.

  • Artist: @sassyshelly129
    A new retro take on the American flag!

  • Artist: @thepolishlist
    Bright and bubbly, this cartoon-like drawing guarantees a smile!

  • Artist: @thepolishlist (Formerly @xxpinky_bubblesxx)
    Pink and red look ultra-feminine together here!

  • Artist: @yagala
    It’s easy to get lost in the glitter of this galaxy mani.

  • Artist: @yannyglez
    Between neon polish and the 3-D elements, these nails really pop!