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Where to Buy Nail Stamping Supplies

Where to Buy Nail Stamping Supplies


By semick

Looking for the best places to buy your nail stamping supplies? You’ve come to the right place.


For introductory tips about choosing the right stampers, scrapers, plates, and polish, read our article “Secrets to Stamping” on page 49 in the May/June 2015 issue. Once you know how to pick out the right supplies for your needs, here’s a helpful list of which brands to get your goods, sorted from A-Z:



+ Born Pretty Store
What they’re known for: Inexpensive nail art supplies of all kinds

+ Bundle Monster (shown above)
What they’re known for:
Huge collections of smaller, round stamping plates

+ Dashica Infinity
What they’re known for: Brightly colored stamping polishes, stamping plates with basic, natural patterns

+ Hit The Bottle
What they’re known for: Semi-metallic brightly colored stamping polishes


kiss_stamping_kit+ Kiss
What they’re known for: All-inclusive nail art kits


konad_stamping+ Konad
What they’re known for: The classic pink stamper and metal scraper


lealac_stamping_plate+ LeaLaC
What they’re known for: Extra-large stamping plates (meaning – the size of the metal plate is big AND each etching is a decent size for any shape nail)



Messy_Mansion_heads+ Messy Mansion
What they’re known for: New and different stamping tools, including sets of rubber stamping heads, stamping plate templates, and other accessories



+ MoYou London
What they’re known for: Well-curated stamping plate designs separated into different themes


+ Mundo de Uñas
What they’re known for: Opaque polishes for stamping over dark colors

pueen_Stamping_all+ Pueen
What they’re known for:
Deep engravings, massive plates covered with designs


rica+ Rica
What they’re known for: Rainbow colored stamping polishes


+ UberChic Beauty
What they’re known for: Collections of stamping plates with large etchings in universal patterns



+ Vivid Lacquer
What they’re known for: Creative stamping plates with large, square etchings