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Nailspiration: Kelly Ornstein’s Oktoberfest Beer Stein Nail Art How-To

Nailspiration: Kelly Ornstein’s Oktoberfest Beer Stein Nail Art How-To


By lizzysonline

Every year, imbibers of beer flock to Oktoberfest, the world’s largest Volksfest (a beer festival mixed with a traveling funfair) held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. And while they’re all enjoying tall, frothy mugs of amber liquid—the sights around them becoming foggier and foggier with each pint consumed—we’re looking at the ways in which we can be inspired by this Bavarian celebration. While barmaids dressed in dirndl and men decked in lederhosen certainly catch our eye (sans beer goggles), every little detail makes for great nail art fodder, including the ornately detailed ceramic beer steins used. Here, nail artist Kelly Ornstein shares the how-to on her stunning beer stein-inspired design! —Karie L. Frost

(Check out Ornstein’s other how-to of her “Wear Responsibly” design in the September/October 2016 issue of Nail It!, as well as nail artists Victoria Vertel’s and Nina Park’s Oktoberfest-inspired designs in the issue’s “Nailspiration” column!)

Nailspiration: Beer Stein

By: Kelly Ornstein, @basecoattopcoat

Inspired by: “I chose a beer stein because I love the super ornate characters and images [found on the stein] that often tell a story. I wanted the nail to look like a little treasure that was picket up on a vacation, like a novelty item.”

Beer Stein Step 1

Step 1 Prep the nail and apply base coat. Apply two coats of white nail polish. Then, use a makeup sponge dipped in light blue polish to ombré from both sidewalls inward toward the center. Tip! This gives the nail a 3-D rounded look. Using gold glitter polish, create a half moon at the cuticle area and a small mini moon at the very tip.

Beer Stein Step 2

Step 2 To create the sunset, use light orange polish to paint a thick stripe horizontally across the center of the nail. Allow the stripe to dry. Using a striper brush and royal blue polish, draw a line in the center of the orange stripe and then, while the blue polish is still wet, lightly blend out the blue using a wide brush.

Beer Stein Step 3

Step 3 Using white polish and a fine detail brush, paint a diagonal shape through the orange and blue area to act as the shoreline and base of the mountain range. Then, add white details like a mountain and snow bank.

Beer Stein Step 4

Step 4 Using white polish and a fine detail brush, slightly mirror the shape of the mountain with a small thin brush over the blue area below the mountain. Then, use green polish and a fine detail brush to paint two tree silhouettes (one in the foreground and one in the background). Using dark brown polish, paint a pentagon for the house between the two trees. Then, using green polish, mirror part of the tree in the water area. Tip! Be careful not to extend the “mirror” portion of your design (snowcapped mountains and tree) past the orange section.

Beer Stein Step 5

Step 5 Add horizontal lines on the side and front of the house and “snow” on the roof and trees using a super-thin detail brush and white polish. Allow the polish to dry and use dark brown polish to paint a chimney. Then, use the same dark brown polish to shade the base of the mountain, add a few blades of grass on the foreground, add detail to the trees and color the tree trunks. Lastly, using a dotting tool and dark brown polish, carefully dot around the half moon shapes. Allow the dots to dry, and then with a smaller dotting tool dipped in white polish, dot over each brown dot, making sure to show a bit of the brown edge. Allow the design to dry and apply top coat.

Photos: Christine Blackburne