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Nail Art Tutorial: Funky Modern Tribal

Nail Art Tutorial: Funky Modern Tribal


By James

Fun and funky, this sponged nail art should be on your design queue! Since there are multiple layers and colors involved, we had Hannah of Dalai Lama’s Nails break the how to into easy to follow steps. Check it out:

  • Supplies needed:

    • Base coat
    • Top coat
    • Makeup sponge
    • Clean up brush
    • Detail brush
    • 2 contrasting colors (I used Essie Butler, Please and Barielle Cosmic Kiss)
    • White polish (Zoya Purity)


  • Step 1:

    Begin by applying base coat. Tear your makeup sponge into a few small pieces, and start dabbing a little bit of Barielle Cosmic Kiss on your nails. Don't worry if you go outside the lines!

  • Step 2:

    Next, use another bit of sponge to dab on Essie Butler, Please. If it looks too blue in places, you can go back and add more pink to blend.

  • Step 3:

    Now that we've made a mess, I like to clean up excess polish with a stiff brush dipped in acetone. 

  • Step 4:

    Use your detailing brush and Zoya Purity to create triangles over your base. 

  • Step 5:

    Add some more detail with a few simple lines. 

  • Step 6:

    Begin to build out your triangles, and add in some curved lines. Your ring finger is going to have a more complex doodle than the other nails.

  • Step 7:

    Continue to build out your accent nail. 

  • Step 8:

    You're finished when the accent takes up about half of your nail. Add in more triangles and curved shapes.

  • Step 9:

    Apply top coat, and revel in the beauty of your funky mani!