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How To Fix Dry Skin

How To Fix Dry Skin


By James

Even if you take great care of your nails and skin, you probably still encounter really dry skin every now an again – peeling, cracking, hangnails. Time to make a change. Find out what Carla Collier, nail technician and Nailpro Competitions Head Judge, has to say:

“If you’re experiencing peeling breaking, or skin dryness, that tells me that you either work with paper or are in water often. Otherwise, I would imagine that you’re not wearing gloves during cleaning or gardening. My advice is to use a lightweight lotion during the day and, at night, apply cuticle oil and then hydrate your hands and nails with a thick cream. Be sure to perform this last part of the routine right before you go to bed because if you do it during the day, the cream will come off as you wash your hands. Start doing this every night until you notice a difference, then switch to twice a week. Also regular manicures with a paraffin treatment every two weeks would be helpful.”