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6 Tips To Prevent Nails From Breaking

6 Tips To Prevent Nails From Breaking


By James

You know that heart-wrenching moment: one moment you are scrubbing the stove with your flawless, enviable long nails, and the next, one nail is violently torn in battle!  

Minimize the tragedy, and click through these six tips for keeping tips long and strong.


Image above: Thinkstock; product images courtesy of manufacturer.

  • 1. First of all, stop biting them. Biting your nails leaves them jagged and uneven, making them more likely to catch and break on surfaces. On top of it, the constant abuse leaves the nails thin and weak. It’s a hard habit to break for most, but you can use either bad-tasting polishes designed to discourage nail-biters, or fancy up your tips with nail art so you will be less tempted to ruin the pretty designs! Image: Thinkstock

  • 2. A couple times a week, use a fine-grain file to even out the shape of your nails. Nails grow unevenly, and leaving them like that will make them weaker in certain spots. Remember, when you file – only go one direction (unlike the sawing motion you see cheerleaders using on their nails during class in 80s movies). Filing in both directions can tear nails.

  • 3. Do wear polish, gel polish or hard gel. Coating nails with a layer of color makes them thicker, and thus less likely to break. However, be sure you remove the product correctly – picking at nails, or pulling gel off rather than having it filed nails will cause peeling and can weaken nails.

  • 4. Use nail revitalizing or nail strengthening treatments. Often, these products can also be used as a base or top coat, so you’ll be doing double duty!

  • 5. Keep nails and cuticles hydrated. Use cuticle oil on nails daily to keep them strong and moisturized, and to keep away hangnails.

  • 6. Frequent washing can dry out nails and hands, and make nails more liking to tear. Wear gloves when washing the dishes or cleaning. Apply lotion after washing your hands to keep everything moisturized!